Hotel mapping and room mapping For matching to work
You need to gather as much as possible the "global picture", more is better. Without sufficient data and found level of interactions, result is inconsistent. We overcame those challenges. Selecting the optimal aggregate is key to room matching.

Hotel mapping and room mapping A common example
Sometimes, you will have "single use" in the description, and sometimes you will have "1ad+0" or "1Pax", or pax policies returned in the API. If you are unable to map paxes, you cant do the policy match. this is one example among many others.
Hotel mapping and room mapping From mapping to matching
Covering essentials criteria, specifications, policies, paxes, limitations and bonuses, our software datacross all aspects of a room. 28 mapped subsets, customized, targeted, filtered.
Hotel mapping and room mapping From static to dynamic
For room codes static matching, our software can "fill the holes" too. For dynamic rates, precisely set your priorities. Our software has an hybrid bridge to retreive suppliers API policies. Different need, different targets.
Hotel mapping and room mapping From availability to lead-in
You now have an exhaustive updated inventory per hotel. By comparing the supply chain rates, you extract the lead-in ones and optimize your purchases. Be competitive and regain profitability.
Hotel mapping and room mapping From lead-in to GP margin
By mapping an entire destination, you match the best lead-in rate against the cheapest BAR rate, extracting market gross profit margin per room at a large scale. You vision an entire market, you sort by profit and compare offers.
Hotel mapping and room mapping Description normalization
Our software uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and allows to rewrite room description, removing lingo, typos...
1 bdr 1kg no cancel balco lat sea vw
1 bedroom, 1 king, balcony, lateral sea view, cannot be canceled.
Hotel mapping and room mapping Policy hybrid bridge
You can superimpose supplier returned room policy (in their data fields) over the one in the description.
Or, overturn the supplier returned policy by the one extracted from the room description. Either way, you control if all is in good order and match properly.
Hotel mapping and room mapping No integration needed - No credential needed
A Natural Language Processing approach for dynamic hotel and room mapping & matching, multi-channels, lead-ins, rates compared.
For optimal booking profitability, hyper-personalization, best in class rebook.

room matching profiling


Room number
Room capacity
Room type
Room class
Room view
Room bed
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Balcony / patio
Extra beds


Board meal
Single use
Pax usage


Floor level
is BAR
is ROH
Resort credit

Hotel mapping and room mapping Hotel search query

Searching for availabilities. You need to match rooms at the hotel id avail. query method to get the latest. You do not need a lot of bedbanks to see the benefit.
Comparing markets, OTA, affiliate, GDS, CRM, PMS, any API allows for GP margin extraction filtered per room type matched.
Hotel mapping and room mapping

Hotel mapping and room mapping Destination search query

Compare all hotels across a city, and right spot where are the best deals for the destination.
Sort GP margins per room range and specs across entire markets.
Hotel mapping and room mapping
Pushing boundaries

GP margins extracted from bedbanks and OTA

Cheapest supplier versus latest BAR

Timeline curves represent profit sorted rooms statistic for the destination. You right spot the top deals when they appear.
pre requis: 5 bedbanks + 1 affiliate OTA APIs
Room type matching

Hotel mapping and room mapping Compare any travel actors
Hotel mapping and room mapping Multichannel saving sorter
Hotel mapping and room mapping Get the most profit and value
Hotel mapping and room mapping Global market vision in a snap
Hotel mapping and room mapping Room sourcing intelligence
Hotel mapping and room mapping Dynamic rates comparator
Hotel mapping and room mapping Hyper personalization
Hotel mapping and room mapping Easy restrictions filtering
multichannel Room Rates Matching Intelligence
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