What is NLP*

Our NLP technology parses a text, a description, with any specs, added, mixed, abbrev, lingo. A new way to unify supplier's heterogeneous data.

* Natural Language Processing
common sense

Source agnostic

Works with & for all suppliers, business Travel - TA - DMC - TO - OTA - Channels - FIT - Chains - Aggregator - CSV - CRM - PMS - GDS - API or any other.

multi channel


Room data & rates are sensitive. Our service is a 100% RAM standalone anonymous SaaS. None of your data are stored. No supplier credential needed. No tiers.
anonym mapping

One show

Suppliers use room codes, group designations. The A.I. reverse engineers & unifies them across time till check-in. Have a "booking.com" like website with suppliers rooms unified, grouped, rewritten, filtered.

Reverse engineering


Using the interface personalization panel (see below), you create different matching profiles, your aggregation groups, the level of grouping, the room's description rewriting.

As you want it


Our technology currently supports 3 languages; English, Spanish & Portuguese. They can be mixed in the text.
Coming soon: French, Italian & German.

As you need it

Olivier Boinet
Products & support

1 - Mapping mapping
Mapping is separation.
We cover: Type, category, class, marketing name, view, beds, accessibility, balcony, amenities & more. (+20 criteria). Paxes capacity converter (3 pax->triple) & red-flags (no window, petite..) included.
2 - Matching matching
Matching is defining common room groups aggregation across time till check-in. It acts as a room footprint.
You compare rates by group/footprint each time you search for the same. You personalize your grouping levels. Group indexes are ideal for SEO, meta search, autocomplete, chat-bot.
3 - Scoring scoring
Scoring is determining a room range value based on it's specs value adds (type, cat, view, balcony, corner..). Rooms & groups receive a score ranging from 0 to 100 (higher = top of the line). You sort inventory by room featured value add.

For mapped rooms cache

You want to map supplier's rate codes provided with supplier room "static" content. You build a pre-mapped room cache for high volume distribution & advanced website dynamics. You build a room codes detailed table like you do with hotel ids. Current processing capacity allows you to map millions within minutes.

For dynamic lead-in rate

You are using room matching at the second level (hotel search, recheck) outside splash cache (you pre-map see above). In this case, you query for the last updates on one hotel. It can be with any number of suppliers or rooms. Acting as a live probe (3/10 sec), the API seeks the best value for money you can get across room rate / type / range.
For matching to work
You need to gather as much as possible the "global picture", more is better. Without sufficient data and found level of interactions, result is inconsistent. We overcame those challenges. Selecting the optimal aggregate is key to room matching.

A common example
Sometimes, you will have "single use" in the description, and sometimes you will have "1ad+0" or "1Pax", or pax policies returned in the API. If you are unable to map paxes, you cant do the policy match. this is one example among many others.

room matching profiling
28 criteria Mapping to matching
Covering essentials criteria, specifications, policies, paxes, limitations and bonuses, The software data-cross all aspects of a room. +20 mapped subsets, customized, targeted, filtered.
lead ins Static to dynamic
For room codes static matching, it can "fill the holes" too. For dynamic rates, precisely set your priorities. Our software has an hybrid bridge to retrieve suppliers API policies. Different needs, different targets.
savings Availability to lead-in
You now have an exhaustive updated inventory per hotel. By comparing the supply chain rates, you extract the lead-in ones and optimize your purchases. Be competitive and regain profitability.
marginprofit Lead-in to GP margin
By mapping an entire destination, you match the best lead-in rate against the cheapest BAR rate, extracting market gross profit margin per room at a large scale. You vision an entire market, you sort by profit and compare offers.
 bridge Description normalization
It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and allows to rewrite room description, removing lingo, typos...
1 bdr 1kg no cancel balco lat sea vw
1 bedroom, 1 king, balcony, lateral sea view, cannot be canceled.
marginprofit Policy bridge
You can superimpose supplier returned room policy (in their data fields) over the one in the description. Or, overturn the supplier returned policy by the one extracted from the room description. Either way, you control if all is in good order and match properly.
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