Alliance for Intelligence Travel: hotel and room mapping, matching

Room matching explained

Get the most of each booking

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Each time you click, the last mapping received by the API is redone from zero and shown below.
Hotels ids, suppliers and room codes obfuscated with numbers.
How it works
Our software can group rooms in multiple ways.
Room codes & rates, ranked by type, category & class, price, range.
Customize your aggregation with our interface.
3 languages: EN / ES / PT
In addition to english and most spanish, our software is currently being implemented in portugese(beta).
Room type ? category ? class ?
A type is an apartment, a studio. A category is a corner suite. A class is standard, deluxe. Easier for precision.
scoring, ranking
The API returns the mapping, matching & scoring results. Rooms are scored (0 to 100) according to their category, quality & features. Ranked from low range to top of the line.
Best value for the money
Rooms are ranked according to type, category, class, view, amenities. For each room type category, you have the most valuable and cheapest deals.see below
in blue
in green
in gold
The best "level-up" room per group with the lowest rate.
lowest rate per group, type, class, view...
best deal for the money per group, and with the lowest rate.
In this Demo, suppliers cancel, refund policy API variables are concatenated into the same string "as is" to be mapped in the group-by.