We offer a new alternative mapping SaaS, working with any inventory. A more reactive & simpler way, independant from supplier changes or tiers.

new alternative


Works with & for all suppliers, business Travel - TA - DMC - TO - OTA - Channels - FIT - Chains - Aggregator - CSV - CRM - PMS - GDS - API or any other.

multi channel


Room data & rates are sensitive. None of your data are stored. No suppliers credential needed. No dependencies. No tiers.

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Olivier Boinet
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What we domapping
Our Technology helps keep your customers satisfied while maximize your revenues.
Our A.I. compares in real time thousands of offers and highlight what is the best buying option for you.

matching Why we do it
In today’s competitive hospitality distribution market , where margin are shrinking , there is a growing need to optimize purchasing process.

Multi distribution channels
Suppliers diverse their offering across different channels
Different suppliers describe room type differently
There are new offering every day
Clear technologyIntuitive
RM technology is suppliers agnostic , no installation needed and none of your suppliers credentials is needed

Data is divided into 28 qualified criteria's.
Our personalization panel allows you to simplify the room matching process or drill down to the different amenities in the process .
How we do it1 for all
With a cutting edge, software as a service, technology , you can process in real time your room matching requests.
Our Artificial Intelligence simplifies dynamically all room type & rate code, maps & matches across multi-channels in a split of a second.

Why choose us28 subsd
The first Real Time Multi hotel room mapping SAAS solution.
Our detail room amenities break down allows enhanced and personalized customers experience

easy development effort
No installation
Real time updated
Who we areMap from zero
With an Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing skills along side with deep understanding of Hospitality disruption market we aim to change the way the industry works for the better.
Min fee: 500 Euros / month
Start up to 30.000 hotel searches / month
without rooms or suppliers limit

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room matching for intelligent travel
Min fee: 200 Euros / month
start up to 2M rows / month
without sources limit

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Travel API and software

  • Supplier hotel id mapping
  • Room mapping and matching
  • Travel databases and algorithms
  • consulting training a la carte
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