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MAP from ZERO demo


Enforce 100% mappings are correct.

Insufficiently qualified results stepped aside.

Hotel mapping and room mappingLook for trust in the response.
Hotel mapping and room mappingTrust tells you if it is a match.
Hotel mapping and room mappingA trust >= 80% is correct.
Hotel mapping and room mappingA trust < 80% is risky to import.
Hotel mapping and room mappingUse the trust % to sort it out instantly.

1 - click load DEMO file button.

2 - click send to API.

3 - check trust % in response.

Our API is fast and returns the response instantly. You can map 1 vs 1, 1 vs multiple, 1 vs a database.

Use simple database SQL your side. Just gross out a pre selection and pass it on.

When mapping against your own selection As an option (not shown in the demo), a deep weight analysis is available. You get a strength and weakness scoring of your logic.

When checking third party mapping services, our intelligence will confirm its pertinence. Too risky to let through? our solution will step them aside and explain why. Insufficiently qualified are sorted by trust relevancy, making confirmation check a breeze.

When mapping from zero against an entire database, upload your suppliers or listings, build your aggregated 100% qualified inventory in no time.

POST URL: /MAP/versus
check for the trust results


const request = $.ajax({type: "POST",datatype: "text",url: `/MAP/versus`,data: queryJSON});


request.done(response => {responseJSON});

Check the trust matching % argument returned.


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