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we convert unstructured data into qualified booking, normalized presentation, productivity & profitability, B2B to B2C cleanse website , by type rate monitoring

mapping & matching explained

A technique to find the components of an accommodation, lodging (hotel & rental) or a room from its description. The type, the category, the view...

Lodging type mapping:

It aims to find the components of an accommodation. It can be by mapping an hotel description or a vacation rental description.
Today, 50% of suppliers inventory are made of vacation rentals & they are described like rooms.
You want to compare them with rooms according to the customer preferences, by type, category, view...

Room type mapping:

Room type mapping is finding the topics of a room. The type, the category, the view.
To do so, our NLP technology "explode" the room description and finds the topic patterns.

Room type matching:

Room matching comes second and is rebuilding the room description based on normalized data.
Once the normalized (rewritten) description is done, with the separation, you can group similar rooms coming from various suppliers.

3 main fields of action

Curate, deduplicate, normalize, aggregate & translate your suppliers hotel & room content.

Meta-matcher, our NLP intel, chunks a text into sections, finding noons, syntax, lingo, typos, abbrev. , related topics.

Splitting a text into
sortable data.
Our in house NLP intel chunks a text into sections, scans terms, sorts out topics.

After separation, you reconcile ambiguities by normalizing data.
You group similar rooms.

Finding similarities & differences.
Automated suppliers reconciliation. Sorting similar rooms into qualified groups.

Map hotel ID from zero:
Our NLP intel is integration-less and works with any source.
Get a ready to use IDs table for any distribution system.

Qualifying accomodations, hotels & rentals.
Mapping vacation rentals like rooms.
Sorting them from hotels in inventory
Meta-matcher, our intelligence surname, combines topic dictionaries to map data patterns.

A unique A.I. with negative, positive, neutral, associative & sentimental analysis.
Meta-matcher comes with a powerful API giving you direct control over your work. Dynamic & static mapping included.

Fast SaaS/FaaS B2B production transparent funnel available. We get you covered.
all in 1 solution
a powerful API
high automation
smart & accurate

static / online portal

Use the online interface with your XLS lists

Upload data, launch & forget your matching jobs.
Check progress online. Get email notification with result download link.
No hard learning curve. Meta-matcher brings simplicity.

bulletpoint - Drag & drop

Drag & drop multiple XLS lists to process.

bulletpoint - Launch job

Select the languages options, the needed file format (json, csv, zip).

bulletpoint - Get result

Receive the download result link via email.

lodging & room mapping / matching

monthly subscription. by volume rates

no suppliers limit, not room or hotel limit. By volume rates. no call limit.
  • Up to 1M
    rooms or lodgings
0.1999 €
per 1000
  • Up to 5M
    rooms or lodgings
0.1599 €
per 1000
  • Up to 10M
    rooms or lodgings
0.0999 €
per 1000
  • Up to 50M
    rooms or lodgings
0.0399 €
per 1000
  • Up to 200M
    rooms or lodgings
0.0149 €
per 1000
  • Up to 500M
    rooms or lodgings
0.0089 €
per 1000
  • Up to 1B
    rooms or lodgings
0.0069 €
per 1000
  • Up to 5B
    rooms or lodgings
0.0019 €
per 1000
  • Up to 10B
    rooms or lodgings
0.0012 €
per 1000
  • Up to 50B
    rooms or lodgings
0.0004 €
per 1000

About us

Who we are
We offer a new alternative mapping SaaS, working with any inventory. A more reactive & simpler way, independant from supplier changes or tiers. A new alternative for more independence.
How we do it
With a cutting edge, software as a service, technology , you can process in real time your room matching requests. Our Artificial Intelligence simplifies dynamically all room type & rate code, maps & matches across multi-channels in a split of a second.
Clear technology
RM technology is suppliers agnostic , no installation needed and none of your suppliers credentials is needed. An easy integration being universal across sources.
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