A.I. hotel & room type mapping

Skyrocket conversion and profit
Metamorphose the user experience

Type & specs

room type mapping
Covering all room's facets.
Type, category, view, beds, policies, amenities...

High personalization for your website in 5 languages. (Customizable)

Group similar

Group similar rooms
Grouped suppliers' rooms by type & specs.

Duplication removal & rates compared. (Customizable)

Room range

hotel rooms range
Grouped by range & essentials.
(moderate, luxe, high-end, family...).

Envision a market. Fintech at wider scale. (Customizable)

Attributes score

attributes score
Sorted by attributes valuation. More offered, higher the score.

From corner, category, view specs... to rooftop, amenities... (Customizable)

Custom profiling

custom profilingg
Mapping & matching are fully customizalble.

Use our presets or customize your own.

On the fly

on the fly mapping
We map what you send us.
No cache used.

Upload an inventory or send your list to the API.

In real-time

Done in real-time
Compare rates at search level or process millions within minutes.

Instantly mapped. No suppliers, hotels or rooms limit.

High coverage

high mapping precision
> 99% coverage, multilingual.

Get all types, categories, views & much more.

Clean website

a clean website presentation
Have a smart customer friendly website.

Data & descriptions are rewritten for B2B to B2C.

Smart optimization

a clean website presentation
Get the cheapest per room type & selected attributes.

Right spot best value for the money at search level.


Price prediction
Use simpler filtering & sorting methods.

Map logs & bookings history. Fast forward your Fintech & price prediction.

Room type mapping
Room attributes separation

Hotel & vacation rental
Hospitality content mapping

mapping services

Static room type - cache creation
Real time mapping - rate & markup
hot dealsHotel ID & content
hot dealsRental ID, type mapping
What to do with it

Price & markup optimization
Smart & nice UX room show
Search engine & smart UX
Optimized revenue management
Room range & rate prediction
By selected attributes Fintech
Room matching dynamic markup & reward, best value for the money, high productivity & margin, a personalized experience

Customer oriented

- Implementing personalization.
- Increasing discoverability.
- Improve retention, conversion.
- Enhancing overall SEO.
- Providing a better UX.
- Strengthening brand loyalty.
- Fast forward selection.
- Fine-tuning search for sales.

Rate optimization

- Get the best value for the money.
- Compare margin per room range.
- Increase booking sales.
- Compare rates @ room avail.
- Snap more revenue on the fly.
- Apply a dynamic markup model.
- For high rewards & profitability.
- Lower L2B & enhance productivity.

Market fintech

- RM @ selected attributes.
- Room range rate analytic.
- Map & value your logs.
- ABS oriented ready mapping.
- Room attr granular compset.
- Json & csv for every needs.
- Ease to use sorting tools.
- Hotelier advanced insights.

a B2B2C tool
all in 1 solution
a powerful API
high automation
live instant speed
smart & accurate

Extensive compatibility

Integration & usage

For an easy access.
Ultra high speed cluster.
Docker. Deploy within infra.

Fast API

Our in house A.I. is a Natural Language Processing database-less SaaS.

Map millions within minutes.


High volume

We tailor made you a high frequency mapper.

Should you need billions mappings per day to process in real time.


In infra

We know security, stability & secrecy is important.

Our solution is anonymous, autonomous, without dependencies or tiers.


Static cache

Map your listings, suppliers, logs and booking history.

Upload your listings or stream them live. Unlimited quantity.


Hybrid cache/avail.

You want to update new ones when appearing.

Send them and update your inventory in real time.


Dynamic avail.

You want to map every availability calls to suppliers in real-time.

Send the complete list & receive the result within a second.

Static usage
For rooms cache inventory / hybrid usage.
Map inventories & maintain a cache for high personalization.
map entire listings or by millions.
Included features
20 topics, attributes mapped
Standardized separation
ML ready dataset
Translated in 6 languages
Custom description rewrite
Similar rooms grouped
Attributes oriented mapping
CSV & json response
Cost & usage
1 million rooms
$ 199
50 millions rooms
$ 999
100 millions rooms
$ 1499
500 millions rooms
$ 2499
1B rooms
20B rooms

API: 3 Millions mappings max per hour.
For daily: Low cost solutions for 2B per day.
Real-time usage
For on the fly real-time price optim. @ T-time search.
No suppliers limit. Works for vacation rentals & rooms at availability suppl. API call level.
API free access up to 200M. Additional infrastructure cost applies on volume. AWS, clouds, In infra & customized options.
99% mapping coverage over expedia, hotelbeds & bedbanks.
Included features
20 topics, attributes mapped
Standardized separation
Translated in 6 languages
Custom description rewrite
Similar rooms grouped
Granular aggreg. customization
Canonical group index
Attributes oriented mapping
Cost & usage
volume per month
cases study
up to 10M rooms
$299 - $69 per 1 M
3 suppl / 30k calls / 4.5M total: 310 €
up to 50M rooms
$699 - $15 addi. 1 M
4 suppl / 120k calls / 36M total: 1089 €
up to 200M rooms
$ 1299 - $ 4 addi. 1 M
5 suppl / 150k calls / 75M total: 1399 €
up to 500M rooms
$ 1799 - $ 1 addi. 1 M
6 suppl / 500k calls / 300M total: 1799 €
up to 1B rooms
$ 2199 - $ 0.7 addi. 1 M
6 suppl / 5M calls / 600M total: 2269 €
up to 5B rooms
$ 2799 - $ 0.5 addi. 1 M
8 suppl / 30M calls / 3B total: 3799 €
up to 50B rooms
$ 6799 - $ 0.3 addi. 1 M
12 suppl / 300M calls / 25B total: 9999 €
High profile OTA
API: 1000 rooms mapped per sec per async call.
Custom: 4000 rooms mapped per sec per async call.
Linear response: 800-2/10 sec. 2000-half sec. 40k-10 secs.
Cloud, AWS, dedicated, in infra, master licence, transparent funnel.
Low cost solutions available. From 2 to 10B maps per day.
NEW! hotel ID mapping
Agnostic, anonymous, independent alternative.
Our next gen NLP technology allows for the highest coverage without mapping errors.
Upload your current inventory and ID table. Map updates on the fly or create a new inventory from scratch.
Beta program. Contact us for free access.
Mapping features
Unlimited sources
From scratch
Duplicates removal
Lodging type
Best geo-codes
Address normalization
Upload & use current table
CSV & json response
included included

Advanced mapping

Chain, brand
On the fly
Off the cuff
Fuzzy search
Duplicates finder
$ 400
Others at address
$ 800
Vacation rental type
$ 1000
Static room type
$ 1000
Monthly cost
nb. maps
inventory build
flat fee
$ 200
<= 100k
$ 200
20k x5 suppl
<= 250k
$ 400
40k x6 suppl
<= 500k
$ 500
100k x5 suppl
<= 1M
$ 600
100k x10 suppl
<= 2M
$ 700
200k x10 suppl
<= 5M
$ 800
400k x12 suppl
<= 10M
$ 900
600k x16 suppl
<= 20M
$ 1200
800k x25 suppl
<= 100M

When an inventory has been build (you can also upload your current one), you do not need to re-map it nore do it every day.
Using the on the fly method, you only send new suppliers' ones to update an inventory. The $ 200 flat fee applies.
You can download & upload your inventory at any time.
Not recommended but re-mapping an inventory once a week ? add 50%. Once a day? x2.
Definition: One map equals 1 vs 1. When mapping 1 versus 20, this counts as 20 maps.
ID mapping:
Our NLP technology allows for the highest coverage without mapping errors.
Lodging type & specs:
Returns the lodging type (hotel, villa...), from sources (like expedia) & from the mapping extracted from the name. When you have a supplier returning "hotel" & the name says "villa".
Address normalization:
If the A.I. pinpoints the address, returns it normalized to postal standard. Address, city, zip, state, province, gps. If it cannot, finds the closest from sources or rewrite it for optimal future mapping precision across any mapping system.
Chain, brand mapping:
Returns the chain & brand from a source (like eps) & from the mapping extracted from the name.
Duplicates finder:
By default your result is de-duplicated but you can ask for them to be returned.
Others at address:
Returns, mapped, the other options at the address. Map & hierarchize an entire building for rentals.( real time )
Fuzzy search:
Missing the address, the gps coordinates ? Send what you have. ( real time )
On the fly:
Call the API to map a new one, an update, check for a new ID. ( real time )
Off the cuff:
You send within the call, an input (what you are looking for) & a list of hotels (no suppliers limit), it can be a radius or any selection you choose to send. ( real time )
Vacation rental:
Returns a dedicated mapping with chain, brand, type, bdrm, category, view, beds, pax, amenities ( real time )
Static room at same time:
If you have uploaded rooms for sources (eps, HBG, your inventory...), they are mapped & matched at the same time. ( real time )
Discrepancies finder:
When the A.I. finds one needing to be updated & "too risky" compared to others, it tells you if the discrepancy is related to the name, the address or the gps.
Unlimited sources:
Use the API or the interface. Upload once yours sources. Few minutes needed. (auto update on new & removed)
Link to postman API mapping methods, tools & examples.
All 20 topics & attributes also available in the mapping result.
A standard ID table with various mapped sources.
As a custom shorthand, topics can be aggregated together in one column.
NEW! Vacation rental type mapping
Map airbnb, vrbo, suppliers, OTA, b2b having vacation rentals.
For price optimization across suppliers & inventory deduplication.
Have a vacation rentals versus hotel rooms by attributes comparison on your website.
Included features
20 topics, attributes mapped
Standardized separation
ML ready dataset
Translated in 6 languages
Custom description rewrite
Similar rentals grouped
mysql normalized index name
CSV & json response
Cost & usage
1 million rentals
$ 299
5 Millions rentals
$ 699
10 Millions rentals
$ 1299
20 Millions rentals
$ 1999

API: 3 Millions mappings max per hour.
Mapping Expedia EPS vacation rentals example.
Result with the mapped topics & attributes.

vacation rental mapping
Artificial Intelligence & datasets
The dataset can aggregates your inventory & your suppliers. Or, it can be your logs & bookings history.
You can use it for a variety of ML apps ( granular RM, geo-data market, rate predict, auto markup, TA %, ABS lvl meta search, OTA sentimental search... ).
The API response is a csv or Json dataset, turnkey for data scientists.
Train your custom model locally with PyTorch, on Google TensorFlow, AWS GPU instance.

please call.
hotel ID mapping

I make data
work for you
Hospitality big DATA NLP, A.I. expert.
My solutions is agnostic, fast & reliable.
An autonomous database-less next gen NLP.
Designed for on the fly virtualization & speed.
Optimized for volume @ low cost for mass mapping.

A mass market gadget inventor & geek for 40 years.
Some sold by millions every year around the globe.
Mastering cyber security & code languages/systems.
With a marketing customer benefits oriented mind.
I dont talk XML anymore, but ask me for anything.

travel alliance consulting

olivier boinet

Olivier Boinet
Hospitality big data A.I. Pioneer


Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing
Splitting a text
into sortable data
Our in house technology chunks a text into sections, scans terms, sorts out attributes.
Our in house NLP A.I. chunks a text into sections, scans terms, sorts out attributes.
Text Mining: It can be an hotel, rental or room name, a more complete text description.

A text size of a page can be passed.
(mapping time may vary)

Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding
Matching together
group similar
Rebuilding the room with cleansed data. Grouping similar rooms together.
Rebuilding the room with cleansed data. Grouping similar rooms together.
Categorization: Matching is grouping the rooms based on normalized data using a defined number of attributes.

Our solution groups similar rooms together at multiple levels (customizable).

Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation
Rewriting a description
Rewriting a cleansed, standardized description.
Rewriting a cleansed, standardized description.
Highlighting: NLG is the counterpart of context analysis: its goal is to transform data into text.

Mimic Booking, Expedia on your website or set your own style.
contact me
Who we are
We are a startup in Paris with 3 passionate about A.I & Natural Language Processing.

We offer a new alternative mapping SaaS, working with any inventory. A more reactive & simpler way, independent from supplier changes or tiers. A new alternative for more independence.

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Travel big data mapping tools & consulting
- NLP, NLU, NLG a la carte.
- Customer & Personalization orientation.
- Mapping algorithms, code.
- Search engine, auto-complete.
- Database cache creation.
- Indexing, labeling, training.
- Evaluation, tips & tricks.
- Inventories aggregation.
Travel Alliance
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