Hotel room mapping
Hospitality industry fintech

Hotel ID & vacation rental
inventory mapping & qualification

price optim. @ search level
dynamic markup and reward
website & user personalization
Room matching dynamic markup & reward, best value for the money, high productivity & margin, a personalized experience

A customer & personalization oriented website

- Implementing personalization
- Increasing discoverability
- Improve retention, conversion
- Enhancing overall SEO
- Providing a better UX
- Strengthening brand loyalty
- Fast forward selection
- Fine-tuning search for sales

price optimization & dynamic markup

- Get the best value for the money
- Compare margin per room range
- Increase booking sales
- Compare rates @ room avail.
- Snap more revenue on the fly
- Apply a dynamic markup model
- For high rewards & profitability.
- Lower L2B & enhance productivity

a B2B2C tool
all in 1 solution
a powerful API
high automation
live instant speed
smart & accurate

Extensive compatibility

room price optimization at search level
automated dynamic markup & reward
room rate repricing & upgrade
transverse B.I. & compared models


Price optimization at search level

Using room-matching in dynamic to compare room rates returned by your suppliers.
We map & remove duplicates across the list, and group the similar ones together.

Use it to survey a preferred option search & catch the right time to book or to find the best opportunity at T-time. Automatically filter who is having the cheapest offer.

Get the best rates across the hotel's rooms range.


room rate repricing & upgrade

When doing a booking rate survey by remapping the room across suppliers availabilities until check-in. Goal is to check if the rate goes down & if so, process a cancel/rebook.

You can automate a recheck, depending on your best sellers, anticipated sells, bookings log, preferred season, cancel policy date.

Enhance your repricing model by also checking if an offer at the same hotel has better specs & attributes for the price.

"best value for the money" repricing.


Dynamic markup & reward

Applying a dynamic markup model is simpler than you think.
Goal is to proportionate the available margin split between markup & reward, while also retaining the best public rate found.

Needed: an OTA as supplier to get the BAR public rate & at least one B2B supplier or bed-bank (more is better).

Room BAR is $200. cheapest B2B is $120
Markup can be dynamically set at 50% or $160 for a win/win. $40 you, $40 customer. You control the margin intermediation.

Sort offers by profitability for high rewards.


Transverse B.I. & compared models

In some cases, the commission model is better, and in other scenarios, the gross wholesale model is.

It depends on availabilities versus time until check-in. Anticipate the best buying period. Right spot the best deal.

A collateral benefit is easing transverse B.I. & parity check across OTA, GDS, B2B, channels, as you can map them all at the same time.

Control intermediation margin per room type & group either at hotel level or at a large scale.

Envision a global market profitability.


The cream of the crop

Zooming at the peak of the curve (golden triangle) at destination level search, there is a 2% chance to hit a +80% margin offer. Sometimes more. It depends on availabilities & the number of mapped suppliers.

Mapping hundreds of hotels at destination, you end up with 50 to 100k rooms mapped for profit.

More than 100 of them are constantly "rotating" available on a market, with a margin ranging from 80% to 200% (seen).

Snap the high $ rooms to push on your website.

golden margin triangle

room type mapping done live

To map & standardize your rooms within a minimal processing time.

For a TA, the cost of an additional 1 second lag for 1000 rooms (average number of rooms we see) is acceptable.
The productivity ratio is by far in favor of having rooms sorted out.

For B2C, OTA, you need to go faster. We have solutions for it.
Use dynamic mapping to compare rates & apply a dynamic markup model.
Use static mapping to create a cache & add personalization to your website.

Our solution works seamlessly with your system.


Difference between dynamic & static

dynamic mapping versus static mapping

how it works
all in 1 standardization tool

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing
NLP: Splitting a text
into sortable data
Our in house technology chunks a text into sections, scans terms, sorts out topics.
Our in house NLP A.I. chunks a text into sections, scans terms, sorts out topics.
Text Mining: It can be an hotel, rental or room name, a more complete text description.

A text size of a page can be passed.
(mapping time may vary)

Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding
NLU: Matching together
group similar
Rebuilding the room with cleansed data. Grouping similar rooms together.
Rebuilding the room with cleansed data. Grouping similar rooms together.
Categorization: Matching is grouping the rooms based on normalized data using a defined number of topics.

Our solution groups similar rooms together at multiple levels (customizable).

Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation
NLG: Rewriting a description
Rewriting a cleansed, standardized description.
Rewriting a cleansed, standardized description.
Highlighting: NLG is the counterpart of context analysis: its goal is to transform data into text.

Mimic Booking, Expedia on your website or set your own style.

fast and easy integration
any infrastructure type & size

Our solution can be integrated in multiple ways

Simply connect to our API.
Dedicated ultra high speed cluster.
In infra. Deploy within your AWS.

Innovation & development

Our in house NLP A.I. is a Natural Language Processing database-less SaaS.

It does not rely on traditional algorithms & is insensitive to the quantity of data to handle.

Any topic dataset can be imported in it & mapped right away.


covering your business goals

We can tailor made you a 4000 rooms per sec handling 100 // calls per sec application.

A dedicated mapping/matching application customized to your needs.


Infrastructure & deployment

We know security, stability & secrecy is important for you and room mapping is at the heart of application.

Our solution is anonymous, autonomous, without dependencies or tiers.

new logo current research
inventory virtualization
on demand ID table mapping & maintenance new logo

Market status:
Traditionally, when you build an inventory, you are using a mapped ID table.
The benefits are obvious but by essence, an inventory is an additional layer to maintain.
Despite using modern technics like machine learning, ID table maintenance is power & time consuming.
All through, working, you end up using a few % of the maps between each update.
Your inventory is updated in real time directly based on suppliers' source file, not from an aggregated list, and only focused when & where it matters.

To drastically reduce inventory maintenance, mapping time & cost in general.
Virtualization benefits:
By being able to use virtualization mapping at search level, the goal is to refresh IDs & rooms on demand.
Either when creating a new inventory, or updating one.
You might think why would I need to constantly remap the same ? You do not, despite being possible.
You turn it on demand, use it in // of your search engine with your current inventory Ids to be updated.

Case study: you have 5000 best sellers, you need them "hot" with up to date content more frequently than 99% needing an update once a month.

To have a dynamically updated, maintenance-less & fresh inventory.
Inventory building:
Our ID mapper is a new lightweight alternative for hospitality inventory creation.
To map ID + room codes simultaneously.
Inventory virtualization:
Mapping ID & rooms "on the fly".
No inventory maintenance needed.
Dynamic ID mapping at search level.
How it works:
No ID or room codes cache needed.
ID, room codes & type mapping are done "live".
Data directly from suppliers' inventory.
No pre mapped ID service needed.
Below demo maps in real time IDs & rooms from:
expedia, getaroom, gimmonix, goglobal, hotelbeds, innstant, mikitravel, ratehawk, sunhotels, tboholidays, airtours, booking.
Plus hotel & vacation rental separation at address.
With mapped ID table:
Our Natural Language Processing A.I., adapted to ID mapping, eliminates false positive.
The goal are, first an error free mapping, second to reach +99%.
click below & see it for yourself.
Participate in the research program
Tell us what you would like to see on the interface & we will add it. Get free access.
Inventory builder prototype interface:

supplier's ID mapping
coming soon. free access for the online interface. ( registration needed )
travel alliance consulting
Rates by monthly volume.
No suppliers limit, no rooms or hotels limit.
For name & short description, hotel & vacation rental level & room level mapping.

Subscriptions: API, monthly. Other, Yearly.
For static data mapping, base cost is the same.
  • up to 10M
299 flat fee - 69 € per 1 M

Case study:
suppliers: 3
calls/month: 30.000
rooms/call: 150
4.5M rooms total
310 € / month

Static data:
suppliers: 2-3

Available with:
  • 10 to 50M
699 € + 15 € additional 1 M

Case study:
suppliers: 4
calls/month: 120.000
rooms/call: 300
36M rooms total
1089 € / month

Static data:
suppliers: 5-8

Available with:
  • 50 to 200M
1299 € + 4 € additional 1 M

Case study:
suppliers: 5
calls/month: 150.000
rooms/call: 500
75M rooms total
1399 € / month

Static data:
suppliers: 10-30

Available with:
API - Custom - AWS, cloud
  • 200 to 500M
1699 € + 1 € additional 1 M

Dynamic case study:
suppliers: 6
calls/month: 500.000
rooms/call: 600
300M rooms total
1799 € / month

Static data:

Available with:
API - Custom - AWS, cloud
  • 500M to 1B
2199 € + 0.7 € additional 1 M

Case study:
suppliers: 6
calls/month: 1M
rooms/call: 1000
600M rooms total
2269 € / month
Available with:
Your own or custom - in infra - AWS, cloud.
Custom solution: 32 // calls - 1500 rooms per sec per call.
AWS preferred: EC2 X2i

Hyper dynamic option:
3000 rooms per sec per call.
Our solution: up to 100k rooms per sec.

In your infra / cloud / AWS:
Docker container license available.
  • 1B to 5B
2799 € + 0.5 € additional 1 M

Case study:
suppliers: 8
calls/month: 3M
rooms/call: 1000
3B rooms total
3799 € / month
Available with:
Your own or custom - in infra - AWS, cloud.
Custom solution: 64 // calls - 1500 rooms per sec per call.
AWS preferred: EC2 X2i

Hyper dynamic option:
3000 rooms per sec per call.
Our solution: up to 300k rooms per sec.

In your infra / cloud / AWS:
Docker container license available.
  • 5B to 10B
4799 € + 0.4 € additional 1 M

Case study:
suppliers: 10
calls/month: 5M
rooms/call: 1200
7B rooms total
5399 € / month
Available with:
Your own or custom - in infra - AWS, cloud.
Custom solution: 120 // calls - 1500 rooms per sec per call.
AWS equivalent: u-3tb1.32xlarge

Hyper dynamic option:
4000 rooms per sec per call.
Our solution: up to 600k rooms per sec.

In your infra / cloud / AWS:
Docker container license available.
  • 10B to 50B
6799 € + 0.3 € additional 1 M

Case study:
suppliers: 12
calls/month: 30M
rooms/call: 1500
25B rooms total
9999 € / month
Available with:
Your own or custom - in infra - AWS, cloud.
Custom solution: 240 // calls - 1500 rooms per sec per call.
AWS equivalent: u-6tb1.56xlarge

Hyper dynamic option:
4000 rooms per sec per call.
Our solution: up to 1.5M rooms per sec.

In your infra / cloud / AWS:
Docker container license available.
hotel ID mapping

Making data
work for you
Hospitality distribution & connectivity
Strategy design & tech roadmap
Cloud & infrastructure cost reduction
Third parties & tech mix requirements

Technical supervising & assistance
Artificial Intelligence & personalization
Advanced fintech design thinking
Inventory & content management

travel alliance consulting

olivier boinet

Olivier Boinet
Hospitality big data expert
Travel Fintech NLP A.I. Pioneer

Consulting services

Let me be the link between your business goals and the travel tech layers.


We define together your application tree structure, with validated suppliers & dependencies (API tech quality side).

You can better weight your agreements with tiers. We set the tech roadmap & I help your team plan & synchronize integration.

Speeding production to market with an all in 1 platform has advantages but it will always cost you at the end.

Having an hybrid flexible application to gain more independence (and margin) & mitigate future costs is important.


My unique technical expertise allows me to scan & dialog through tech layers to validate feasibility of your needs across them.

You know the full story, pros & cons, strength & weakness of dependencies, mixed or not.

Each option weighted, checked for quality, inter-interoperability & cost vs benefit.

The customer search at location is his first contact with your hospitality data. You want quantity, quality & speed.


You are in control. Costs reduction, flexibility, scalability are always in my mind.

We set up the right cloud hospitality management to be seamless with your application.

Are you an OTA, TA, TO, building a platform, a bed-bank ? Doing rate B.I., Machine Learning, heavy payload analytic ?

Each hospitality component has its own infra specificities to be cost effective. Mix them the right way to max out efficiency.
Step into the future.
Have your application ready for today & tomorrow.


Creating the perfect tech mix between internal capabilities & tiers requires it to be ready for future development.

I sort out & assess each component or dependency development potential.

Note: A dynamic high personalization website is better suited with an in house unified, standardized inventory ( @ hotel + room level)


I fast forward advanced logic designs & algorithms your team needs.

Content aggregation & distribution, personalization @ search level, Natural Language search engine, databases classifications & structures, fintech analytic, A.I. technics, cache maintenance automation & much more...

NLP fintech

We work on your own fintech advanced mapping component directly benefiting our latest NLP innovations.

You process, internally, a mapped room type & code inventory, price optimization & accurate automated rebooking, personalization at search level. Enrich it with your own data.
My only goal is you to fast forward your success.

About me

An inventor in the DIY market, "as seen on TV" products for 25 years. Some sold today around the world.
Having worked on mass market products, branding & behavioral marketing, my vision is fundamentally customer & cost oriented.

Also a computer sciences entrepreneur for decades, with extensive knowledge in cyber-security, core opcode dev, mastering multiple languages & environments.

Bringing smart intelligences to customer is at in the heart of work.
Applied to hospitality big data, I have developed

Working with me

I focus on the technical side & related costs vs customer benefit. I am always after constant productive exchanges.

By experience with inventions, I know innovation & success come from good ideas aggregation & shared knowledge & competences.

There is an old geek saying, "never trust a user keyboard input". When it comes to hospitality distribution & connectivity, call me Saint Thomas.

Current researches

Inventory virtualization
Working on an automated inventory mapper, with a building online interface, to map at search level in real time, hotel ID & room codes.
I call it inventory virtualization. Available January 2024.

travel dedicated LLMs
Machine learning has limitations.
Working on an hospitality local LLMs using a supervized NLP neural network.
Goal is to reach a high level of sentimental personalization across chatbot, speechtotext, search @ location, hotel & room levels.
hotel mapping
contact us
Who we are
We are a startup in Paris with 3 passionate about A.I & Natural Language Processing.

We offer a new alternative mapping SaaS, working with any inventory. A more reactive & simpler way, independent from supplier changes or tiers. A new alternative for more independence.

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Travel big data mapping tools & consulting
- NLP, NLU, NLG a la carte.
- Customer & Personalization orientation.
- Mapping algorithms, code.
- Search engine, auto-complete.
- Database cache creation.
- Indexing, labeling, training.
- Evaluation, tips & tricks.
- Inventories aggregation.
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